Thank you for the great job and the patience at the begging to get this going.  MidAmerica Roofing is a top notch company.  

Roof Consultant


Chicago's best roofer

Corporate Facilities Engineer - Abbott Laboratories


I want to compliment the wonderful job MidAmerica Roofing did for us…The merchants at this site are very particular about any project done at the mall and you guys were always accommodating. I would highly recommend MAR at our other sites; they are certainly up to the challenge.

Inland Real Estate


I would like to thank the entire staff at MidAmerica Roofing, Inc.…Our 330,000 SF project was very challenging due to the scope of work, site limitations and daily cooperation it took to protect our fully operational food processing operation…The entire project, despite being one of the wettest summers on record, was a complete success.

Columbus Vegetable Oils

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