MidAmerica Roofing, Inc. will review existing specifications and work closely with the entire project team to ensure the roofing system is properly designed, code compliant, cost effective and completed on schedule. If a formal bid package with specifications is absent, we will walk you through every step of the process ensuring your new roof will integrate correctly with all other building envelope components.


Reroofing is often considered the most complicated of all roof related projects. After a roofing assessment is completed and it has been determined that the existing assembly must be removed, a reroof project is performed. Reroofing consists of a complete removal and disposal of existing roofing down to the structural deck. Special consideration should be given to items such as interior protection, recycling of existing roofing, structural deck repair, perimeter enhancements, drainage improvements (tapered insulation and drain installation) and other modifications that will enhance the functionality of your roofing system. Based on design criteria a manufacturer warranty up to 30 years is available.


After a roofing assessment is completed and it has been determined that the existing assembly can be salvaged, a recover roofing project is performed. Special consideration is given to removal of isolated wet areas discovered with thermal imaging, existing flashing and sheet metal removal, structural live and dead load capacity and curb modifications. A recover roofing application can be a cost effective alternative to reroofing if proper evaluation of existing roofing is performed. A typical warranty coverage based on design criteria is 15 to 20 years.     


Help reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint by recycling roofing materials removed during roof construction. Recycling of certain roof coverings, insulation, metal products and stone ballast is very commonplace and in some cases will reduce the overall project cost. Align your company and building with the green construction movement, qualify for LEED certification and even save money along the way.