Getting to Know Your Roof - Maintenance


Commercial/Industrial Roofing Maintenance

Almost all roof system manufacturer's warranties mandate that you must take care of your roof system over its life to keep the warranty in effect, but do not explain what exactly that means.  Maintaining your commercial/industrial roof may be easier than you think! 

A few tips to get you started: 

  • Schedule regular roof inspections: At a minimum, a commercial/industrial roof should be inspected one to two times per year.  It is recommended that your roof be inspected before and after the season that has the most extreme weather.  In truth, frequency of roof inspections should depend on factors like the age of the roof, how much foot traffic the roof gets, the climate the roof is in, and the type of facility operations happening underneath it.  


  • Maintain your rooftop equipment: Rooftop equipment can become damaged during severe weather and may cause damage to the roof.  Remove and/or repair loose equipment to prevent unnecessary damage to the roof.  Consider installing protective accessories such as walkway pads, grease guards, and supports to prevent costly damage.  


  • Keep track of your maintenance: Recording your roof maintenance is proof that you are complying with the manufacturer's warranty requirements.  Good record keeping is important in case you need to make a claim on your warranty.


  • Budget for regular roof repairs: Scheduling regular roof inspections will uncover, identify, and provide an opportunity for repairs on items that need attention.  Budgeting for repairs early on will give you a cushion to rely on.   


  • Keep a tidy rooftop: Keeping your roof free from trash, vegetation, and other debris is a simple and important part of roof maintenance.  All drains, downspouts, gutters, and scuppers should be clear of debris so they can properly drain water from the roof top.   


These easy to follow tips can help you stay ahead of your buildings biggest asset, giving you piece of mind knowing your roof will have you covered.  

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