Company: Inland Real Estate

Facility Type: Multiple Tenant Facility

Type of Replacement: Complete tear - off down to the structural metal deck

Square Footage: 61,000 SF

Specification: : Mechanically Attached 60 Mil TPO Roofing System

Manufacturer Workmanship Rating: Outstanding

Client Relationship: On-going since 2012 - Over 15 projects

Project Details:

  • The demolition at this facility was very difficult requiring a “double tear-off” of two (2) different roof assemblies. The existing systems consisted of a modified bitumen membrane over insulation, a coal tar built-up roofing system with pea gravel, and another layer of insulation (6 inches of roofing removed).
  • The coal tar pitch roof being removed was more potent than most we run across. All of our crew members were required to wear full safety suits, gloves, masks and other PPE (personal protective equipment) in order to protect against the burns that occur from skin contact.
  • This property required constant communication between our staff, property management and tenant management.Through our daily communication we were able to develop a strategy to eliminate any interference with the tenant’s daily activities.

“I want to compliment the wonderful job MidAmerica Roofing did for us…The merchants at this site are very particular about any project done at the mall and you guys were always accommodating. I would highly recommend MAR at our other sites; they are certainly up to the challenge.”
- Senior Property Manager