Company: Columbus Vegetable Oils

Facility Type: Food processing center

Type of Replacement: Complete tear - off down to the structural metal deck

Square Footage: 320,000 SF

Specification: Mechanically Attached 60 Mil PVC Roofing System 

                         Removal & Replacement of 175 Smoke Hatches

Manufacturer Workmanship Rating: Outstanding

Client Relationship: On-going since 2014

Project Details:

  • This project was one of the most difficult projects in most recent years.
  • The facility was an old and had very poor slope to drainage; this caused rainfall to "pond" extensively all over the roof area. The poor slope combined with one of the wettest summers on record in Illinois provided MidAmerica Roofing, Inc. with constant challenge.
  • On average, twice a week, our nightly "tie-offs" (crucial detail where the new roofing system ties-into the old roofing system to keep the facility water-tight on a daily basis) were completely submerged under ponding water from rainfall.
  • Our staff completed the project with not one leak occurring from the re-roof installation and not one interruption/contamination to the food processing activities occurring every day.

“I would like to thank the entire staff at MidAmerica Roofing, Inc.…Our 330,000 SF project was very challenging due to the scope of work, site limitations and daily cooperation it took to protect our fully operational food processing operation…The entire project, despite being one of the wettest summers on record, was a complete success.”
-- President, Columbus Vegetable Oils