Preparing Your Roof for Winter



Preparing a commercial roof for winter is especially important in areas with
intense winter weather and snowfall. Failing to prepare a flat roof (TPO, PVC,
EPDM, etc.) can lead to multiple issues, ranging from leaks that cause interior
water damage to total roof collapse.

Considering the cost of a roof replacement, many property managers and
building owners find it to be a wise choice to invest in a semi-annual/annual
roof inspection
to determine the integrity of their roof. Here are some items
MidAmerica Roofing can cover in an annual inspection:

  • Inspection of a roof's drainage system
  • Testing of roof seams and edges
  • Cleaning gutters, downspouts, and debris/litter on the roof
  • Checking the roof membrane for tears, punctures, and voids
  • Minor repairs to any damaged sections of the roof
  • A roof assessment report with recommendations and anticipated remaining lifespan

Maintaining the integrity of your commercial roof is a year-round job. Taking
preventative measures such as those covered in a roof inspection ensures that
your flat roof is ready to handle the stress of harsh winter weather.

For questions about MidAmerica's commercial roof maintenance programs for
the upcoming winter season, contact us today!


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