Getting to Know Your Roof - Drainage


Commercial Roof Drainage Systems

Did you know that water should drain from the roof within 48 hours?

Knowing the components of your drainage system and how they work is a great way to better understand why your roof may be having drainage problems.  Although no two drainage systems on a commercial building are exactly alike, your roof is likely to contain some of the following elements:

  • Drains: Internal roof drains are usually found in the middle or perimeter of the roof.  During annual roof maintenance, MidAmerica Roofing will clear any visible debris from the drain areas, ensure proper water flow and check all drainage components.


  • Scuppers: Perimeter edge drains (called scuppers) that are level with the roof surface (usually built into parapet walls) and allow water to drain from the edge of the roof into collector boxes and downspouts.


  • Crickets and Saddles: Insulation specially cut and sloped to direct water into drains and scupper locations.  They are mostly seen on low-slope roofs because they effectively prevent ponding water between drains.


  • Gutter heads, Gutters, and Downspouts: All important and common parts of a commercial roof drainage system.  These parts work together to make sure water is diverted from the roof to the ground.  It is important to maintain your gutter/downspout system to ensure water flow and gutter joints are properly sealed. 

The most important element to your commercial roof drainage system is MAINTENANCE.  Neglecting roof and drainage maintenance can lead to severe problems down the line.